Tuesday, April 24, 2007


As I was walking in the doors of my American Literature class today, administrators came out from the woodwork shouting "Evacuate the building, there has been a bomb threat. Don't stop to collect your things, leave now!" This is the second bomb threat at Texas State in the last few weeks. The last threat was on Friday, when I'm not on campus. I casually went back down the four flights of stairs I had just ascended. It's the boy who cried wolf. No one takes this seriously. Some dumb student who probably didn't study for a test makes an empty threat because he/she knows the schools will have to take them seriously, especially after the recent shootings at Virginia Tech. Senseless violence and threats of violence make me so mad. I just don't understand people sometimes. The world is a scary place.

I wonder how much tax dollars this empty threat cost? The building was closed for four hours, police tape put up, campus and local police on site, SWAT team, fire and rescue teams too. The majority of students were mad, but a few were cheering and I just kept thinking "Man are you shallow and stupid." The sad thing is that people become so numb to these things that if god forbid it happens for real, no one will take it seriously.

At least I only have 1 more day of school left until finals, so I hopefully won't have to put up with this nonsense much longer.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Dumb Ask"

Dozier, my parent's morbidly obese dog is always underfoot. He is often called names by everyone in the house. At dinner time he likes to lay under Cole's chair. The other night at dinner he kept bumping Cole's chair and Cole said "Move Dozier you dumb ask". When I asked him what he called Dozier he said, "Dumb ask". His mispronunciation was funny, guess he thinks that is what people say. Kids truly do hear everything people say.

Since the title of this post is "dumb ask" this applies too. In an earlier post I had mentioned that Cole's dad had called 4 days before his birthday. During that call he had mentioned he had already sent a package along with Cole's insurance card (since I have now paid around $1400 for insurance since September when he started being covered under R's plan, but no card, no proof). He said he "couldn't remember what day" he mailed the package but it was the previous week "he thought". I knew he was lying. Why? Because he was opening his mouth. Surprise, surprise there still hasn't been a package. He better be careful because very soon, Cole will remember his lies....luckily right now he is still blissfully unaware.

I'm sad for Cole when I see how much he really responds to men. He LOVES his baseball coach. He always rushes out so say hi when we arrive, seeks out high-fives, hugs onto his legs, and hugs him bye. Bless his coach, he really pays Cole special attention without making it obvious. My eternal question will always be, why can others love Cole but not his own dad?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Coming or Going

Leah and I started training with our group for the Triathalon. Each day we have a set work out to do and we meet our group twice a week. While I like knowing what to do and how long to do it each day, finding time has been rough. My days are already so full this has just been a lot of work fitting work outs in.

Monday night we were supposed to swim for 30 minutes. Just our luck the YMCA that we belong to is re-doing it's pool until this end of April. We thought about swimming at a local outdoor heated pool, but it's closed for cleaning. Next we were going to go to another outdoor heated pool, it closed too early. Finally we decided on going to a pool at another gym that Leah belongs to. They were open late (I couldn't go until Cole was in bed and Leah had a dance class). We get to the pool at 8:45pm. I arrive and Leah is standing outside, looking mad. The PH was off in the pool and they had closed it at 8:00! We both wanted to give up. So here we are standing outside a gym at a quarter till 9:00 pm. We both had been up since 5:00 am and hadn't stopped since. Leah still had an hour drive home and I still had a test to study for. We called the downtown YMCA and found out that pool was open until 9:45 pm. We looked at each other for a long moment, jumped into my car and sped over there. Yeah it was open! It was a great pool, and not busy that time of night, duh! We were happy to finally be in the water and even happier to keep to our workout schedule. Yeah us!

The next night we were supposed to bike for 30 minutes. Leah got up before work and rode and I rode in the rain soaked streets in the evening, praying I wouldn't fishtail around the turns. We have been calling to check up on each other.

The bonus is I'm done with school in a few weeks, so hopefully I will have a little more free time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What were you doing five years ago today?

Five years ago, after dinner at a local Chinese restaurant, I started going into labor with Cole. I was up all night, with my cat Bandit. He stayed up with me purring on my lap as I stroked him through waves of pain. He still keeps me company and in fact is laying on my lap between me and the laptop (purring and reaching out to "grab" me, just in case I've forgotten he's there) right now.

After being up all night, I headed into the hospital early the next morning and had Cole that same afternoon. How little prepared I was for how much my life would change. I never knew I was capable of that much love, patience, worry, and determination. Having Cole has been the biggest adventure in my life. Despite all the drama and angst in my personal life, he has turned out to be a wonderful kid...I'll pat myself on the back for that one. I hardly remember what my life was like before him. I wouldn't trade all the grumpus mornings and endless questions for anything in the world, because what comes with all that is an endless supply of love and entertainment. These past five years have just flown by. Gone are the cherub rolls of toddlerhood and baby speak. Now there is a large (never ending) vocabulary, a thirst for information, and a growing boy (2 shoes sizes and over and 1 &1/2" since January). I just can hardly believe he is already 5 and will be starting Kindergarten this year!

He'll get to celebrate his birthday at school tomorrow with a pirate ship pinata filled with gold coins, jeweled rings, play money and sparkling necklaces (since his party at the park was rained out, his teacher offered to do the pinata at school). We celebrated his birthday at home, tonight, because I won't be home until late tomorrow night. I start training for the triathlon on his actual birthday. In truth, after his party on Saturday he considers himself "5" anyway.

BTW,his dad did call on Sunday night. He said a package is in the mail for Cole although he doesn't know when it will be here or even what day he sent it??? He promised to call him on his birthday as well. At least he remembered.

Happy Birthday Colebug!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Birthday and Happy Easter

We had Cole's birthday party today. It was about 45 degrees and raining, so no party at the park. Yesterday we knew the weather was predicted to be bad so I called GattiTown and they had an opening at the same time the party was originally scheduled. So we went to GattiTown, not what I originally had planned, but it was warm and dry and most importantly the kids still had a great time. There were 6 boys at the party which was perfect. Cole got to ride the bumper cars for the first time and had a blast. Pizza, pirate cake, and games... a five year old's dream come true.

After the party we came home and decorated eggs for Easter. Boy I never knew how much work and planning went into being a parent, I'm tired. The thing that makes me happiest in life is seeing Cole happy, so all the work is worth it.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gameball and other meanderings

Tonight Cole had his third T-ball game. He did a great job tonight. Not in the I'm going to be drafted by MLB way but in the I'm Cole way. The second inning the coach put him in at pitcher (they just pretend to pitch) but they are hit the majority of the balls. He stopped almost everyone and always with his goofy grin! The next inning he played catcher and again he was running after the ball. At bat he did well and ran hard. He cracks everyone up when he runs, because he looks like he is running in S L O W M O T I O N...but he thinks he is running fast, again always with that trademark grin. His coach is really beginning to spend some extra time with Cole which he needs and wants. Cole really looks forward to seeing Coach Joseph and getting "high-fives". This week at practice Cole was even standing with his arm around him, which about broke my heart. Anyway...after each game the coach awards the game ball to one player. Tonight he gave it to Cole. Cole was so excited and immediately came running to me. We have it in a silver glove trophy left over from my dad's coaching days. Cole is so proud.

I had some exciting news today. I had applied for several scholarships at school for next semester. I had to write an essay and give turn in some letters of recommendations. I submitted two letters from professors and one from my boss at work, and one from one of the doctors. I got an e-mail today that I was awarded a scholarship. YIPEE!! There is an award ceremony on the 12th that I have to attend to officially "accept" my scholarship. I'm excited, any little bit helps.

Only a few more days until Cole's "pirate" birthday party. I'm praying it doesn't rain. Cole has three boys from school that are supposed to attend and my friend Jennifer's boys, so we should have a great time. He is very excited. I've been sick w/ Strep AGAIN, so I'm hoping he doesn't get sick too. But so far he has been healthy. The running bet around my house is if his dad will even remember it is his birthday. Guess, we will see.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Glorious Spring

I needed the weekend. Last week was another crappy week at work. The beautiful spring weather was just what I needed.

Sunday we got up and did several hours of yard work. Both of flower beds in my parent's yard were only growing weeds. They need to be completely re-done. We got up early and got to work, pulling weeds and hoeing and then planting some new flowering bushes. Despite the aching muscles it was a lot of fun. We got to get dirty, see millions of rolly pollies, worms, a snail, and even a snake slithering through the clover. Cole got to help plant, dig, and sweep. While pulling weeds in the back, he sighed and said, "I'm not as young as I used to be." My mom and I died laughing.

After cleaning up we went to the Easter Egg Hunt at the YMCA. It was the first event I have ever been too that everything was FREE. Free games for the kids, free petting zoo, free face painting, free food. Free fun!