Monday, April 27, 2009

Future meteorologist and random pics

We also joke that when Cole grows up he will be a meteorologist. He is fascinated with the weather and often wants to watch the weather channel, especially when there is a storm blowing through. Last night I could hear him talking while in the tub. He had bubbles spread out on the tile surround and was giving a weather forecast! He looks at me all serious and says pointing to a spot with no bubbles, "Texas is expecting a sunny day.". Then he points to where there is a large group of bubble and says, "It is going to be snowing in Alaska". He continued the forecast for the rest of the country. So cute!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cole hit the jackpot

Cole's 7th birthday was on Saturday. We had a three hour Star Wars themed party planned at our gym. In addition to pizza, cake, and presents we had planned one hour of karate and one hour of swimming. It was a great success. It was fun watching Cole's friends do karate with him. His karate teacher is so great with the kids and had really been looking forward to doing this for him. The kids seemed to really enjoy it and the hour flew by. After karate the kids enjoyed lunch and were amazed when his karate teacher cut the cake with her samurai sword. After lunch, we headed to the indoor pool. The kids got to slide on the water slide and swim for an hour. After swimming, each kid got a gift and a light saber to take home (you are welcome parents). We had a great turn-out of kids, 12 and then two bonus girls that weren't expected (not RSVPing drives me crazy - luckily we still had enough for everyone). After the party, Cole's friend came over to play for a few hours and then went to dinner with us. At dinner, Cole made sure to tell the waitress that it was his birthday and then blushed while grinning from ear-to-ear as the waitstaff sang happy birthday to him.

The celebration continued today with Easter. The "Easter Bunny" hid the eggs last night and Cole had fun searching for them this morning. My grandma was in town for Cole's birthday and wanted to go to church, so we went to church with some friends. Cole went to Sunday School and had a great time, he wants to go back. After lunch, we headed across the street to Cole's friends house for another egg hunt and then 20 dozen confetti eggs.

What a wonderful weekend!