Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm so irresistible... BEES! I H-A-T-E bees, I'm allergic to them and they are attracted to me like you wouldn't believe! I'm must give off some special "I'm allergic and I hate bee, so come follow me around non-stop" scent. On Sunday, Cole and I went for a "Pickynic" in the park and the darn bees WOULDN'T leave me alone. I wasn't wearing anything other than deodorant, no hairspray, gel, perfume, etc. I would move and here would come a bee...pushing Cole on a swing -bee , trying to eat lunch - bee...playing on the monkey bars - bee, sitting on a bench minding my own business - bee, bee, bee!!!!! There were at least a dozen other people at the park and they didn't seem to have a bee attraction...what's the deal? Finally, after one especially persistent bee, I had enough and we left.

Yesterday, I was inside my theatre class at school and it was at least 30 minutes into class (re-enacting the Tom Cruise jump on the couch I'm so in-love moment...don't ask) when someone yelled "STOP, you have a bee on your shirt!" What, "I HATE bees I yelled, why don't they leave me alone?" It started crawling inside of my shirt, YIKEES! I bent forward so my shirt would hang away from my body and I let one of the girls reach her hand in my shirt (yes, me...that's how much I HATE bees) to get it out and kill the little sucker.

Tonight, Cole and I went to dinner. It's a nice night and we wanted to sit on the patio. Halfway through the meal? Yup, BEE, BEE (two) landing on me and our food. Once again, other people were eating on the patio, no bees on them. So, inside we went. I HATE bees! Looks like this spring I will be walking around in a bee-keeper's suit!

P.S. Did I mention that I HATE bees!

Monday, March 27, 2006


I have a cat named Wilson. I always tell stories about him because he is a "challanged" cat. He was brought into work as a kitten by a woman who saw him thrown from a car. I was going to foster him. However, a 1 1/2 years later I still had him. He was such a skittish cat and only like me and Cole (I always said, what cat in their right mind, would seek out a three-year-old to play with?) They loved each other. Wilson, was the first cat I had ever had declawed (despite my co-workers protest) because he would accidently hurt Cole when they were playing. He slept in the crook of Cole's neck every night and in the morning would sit on my lap, purring away, while I did my morning business (sorry...but it's true). Then he would jump on the edge of the tub and sit there while I showered. Despite, being declawed he was a climbing fool, too. His favorite spot was on top of the kitchen cabinets.

On Thursday while I was at work he got out (when the front door blew open). I noticed he was gone later than evening. I searched everywhere and have since then. My best guess is that he went outside and something scared him, so he took off. I hate the wondering and the not knowing. Besides, it was SO cold this weekend. I've searched in bushes, in the gutter, in every hidey-hole I've found and I've driven around and around searching. On Friday, I was very upset and broke down a little in front of Cole. He was so sweet, he cradled my head and stroked my hair saying, "Mommy, don't cry" and wiped away my tears. He told me "Don't worry, I think a Teddy Bear ate Wilson" which made me laugh and said Wilson would "come back next year" and he "would get me another Wilson". He really tried to make me feel better and actually did.

It has been 5 days now and still no sign of him. Even though I would hate find that he had been hit by a car, that would bring closure. It is better than thinking of him cold, wet, scared and starving to death. Plus, I know he's so scared of other people he wouldn't go up to anyone, either. So, to make myself feel somewhat better, I will keep looking and hoping.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Programmed from birth

The other night Cole and I were laying in bed and channel surfing. On fear factor, they were performing a water stunt and Cole wanted to watch. A few minutes later, two young bleach blond, super skinny, women with super-sized silicon breasts came on screen to compete. Cole said, "I want them to be my mommies". 'Scuse, me?, what about me? He said, "I was trying to get old". Gee, thanks! And, then he repeated that he wanted them to be his mommies. I said, wouldn't you be sad if I wasn't your mommy anymore? Thankfully, he replied "yes". Then he said, he wanted them to be his "sisters. I like them girls. They are good girls!". Boy, oh, boy three going on sixteen. Guess, boys are programed from birth to like blond, big boobed women. ;-)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Banko and Swannie

Cole wants a brother and a sister. He already has names picked out Banko for his brother and Swannie for his sister. He says that he would be a nice "big brothder" and "share all his toys and his mommie." We have had variations of this topic off and on the past few weeks. Last week I told him that I couldn't give him a brother or sister because I didn't have a husband, thinking this would be the end of that topic. Silly me, I forget the determination of a three-year-old. He proudly told me that he would be my husband.

Previously, when Cole would get mad at me, he would say "I'm not your kid anymore!" Now we have upgraded to, "I'm not going to be your husband anymore!" Hmmm...I think I've heard that line before....oh, well. Good thing, that even if Cole doesn't want to be my kid (or husband) I still love him ;-) Besides, he never holds a grudge and five seconds later he is holding my hand, snuggling, and telling me he loves me!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Funny and Sad

Tonight at dinner Cole told me that he was going to do a magic trick. He said he was going to make two cars come out of his hat by saying "Ab-bra, ka-da-bra". He then took the "Book 'Em" Horns hat off his head and put the cars inside, saying in serious tone, with a shake of his head, "I'm not putting these cars in my hat." Then he placed the lumpy hat (that didn't contain any cars, wink, wink) on his head. He stood up and yelled, "Ab-bra, ka-da-bra" and with a wave of his hand, off came the hat, and to my surprise (again...wink...wink) there were two cars. YEAH! He was so proud. He said "I DID IT, I DID IT, Say Good job Cole!". Good job, Cole, very good job!

The sad part....once again, I was reminded of the fact that Cole has so little bond with his dad. He was telling me tonight, that he didn't "want a Daddy". He said, " I only need Mommies, Grannies, Papas, Obos, and Maureens (Obo's girlfriend). I told him that his dad loved him (in his way, I know he does), but Cole wouldn't change his mind. It just frustrates me, because, Cole is a wonderful, smart, and funny kid and I wish his dad got to know him better. Once again, I'm thankful for the love everyone else gives him, so THANK you! I'm VERY proud Cole is happy and well-adjusted. I love him enough for a Mommy and Daddy. I promise that I will always do my best to make sure that his never misses out on any thing in life, because he has a single parent. Besides, my mom is more involved than his dad ever was, so on the weekends it's kind of like having 2 parents (EEWWW.....that could be a Jerry Springer show!). Thanks everyone for your support and your great comments on my blog!