Sunday, June 21, 2009

Budding Songwriter

Several weeks ago Cole and I were at dinner. Suddenly he asked me for a pen. He was thinking of a song and wanted to write in down. He grabbed a napkin and wrote out the lyrics. He came home and typed it up in Word and grabbed his guitar and sang it to me in both a soft version and rock..must say I loved the rock! Here is his first song.


Bolts of Thunder
Lights of Thunder
Punch of Thunder
Kicks of Thunder
Knock of Thunder
Knock out of Thunder
Duck of Thunder
Wind of Thunder
Wings of Thunder
Dance of Thunder
Prance of Thunder
Jump of Thunder
Flower of Thunder
Crack! Boom!

My nephew was born the other night. Cole came home and wrote him a song. Here it is:

Oh My Dear Baby

Oh my dear baby
Oh you're so cute
I'm glad you were born
Oh I am so happy
When you are 7, I will be 14
I love you!

Then last night he wrote my dad a song for Father's Day:

Monte Come Back

Why did you leave me?
Oh! Please come back!
Oh, how much joy it is to have you by my side
Monte come back, Monte come back, Monte come back

Oh why did you leave your tighty whities on the floor?
I don't want to see you without your shirt, shut the door
Why don't you come to the gym anymore?
Monte come back, Monte come back, Monte come back

Why don't you bring me golfing anymore?
We shouldn't argue at dinner.
Please don't eat pie without your pants on!
Monte come back, Monte come back, Monte come back

This one has been my favorite so far! As for the eating the pie in the nude? Yeah, my dad really did that. A few mornings ago, Cole and I left and then I remembered I'd left my phone at home. So we turned around. When I walked in, jokingly I yelled out "hope you are dressed" and a sheepish voice yelled from the kitchen, "Actually I'm not. I'm eating pie in the kitchen!" Yuck, thank goodness my phone was in the other direction!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Gift

I realized the other morning that this summer will be the most consistant time that Cole and I have spent together since maternity leave...and he is now 7!!!! When he was younger he was in day-care all day and last year during Kinder I had to work during the summer so he was also at a day-care camp. This summer I am watching my friend's 3 boys which allows me to have Cole. This is such an amazing gift for me. I really am going to enjoy the time together and with 4 boys will probably have boy overload to boot! LOL.

To start off our first day Cole and I went to a waterpark together. We had a great time. The weather was perfect and the park wasn't crowded which meant we could speed through the lines and ride most rides twice. Despite the headache I woke up with and couldn't get rid of, we had a blast!

On Friday, we spent the 1st day with the kiddos. Cole had a great time and was disappointed that we weren't going to see them on Saturday. We went to the pool, played kickball, chase, tag, and hide-and-seek. I joined in too. Although I did manage to pull my hamstring which isn't great considering I am partcipating in a triathlon tomorrow. Oh, well. Bengay and Tylenol are helping some.

Next week all the boys are in the same basketball camp and then I am sure we will spend more time at the pool and having fun.