Friday, July 10, 2009

On not blogging

Okay, as Leah pointed out I haven't blogged in awhile. I feel like I am at a real low point and am trying to hope for a brighter future. I feel like I struggled and sacrificed a lot to put myself through school and now I feel like it was for nothing. I wanted to change our lives and I have, but not for the better. There are very few teaching jobs and the largest school district in the area is now on a hiring freeze which will only flood the existing school districts. I have literally spent hundreds of dollars in ink cartridges, resume paper, stamps, etc. preparing for job fairs and sending resumes to schools. The job fairs are depressing. They speak to you for literally seconds and add your resume to a 1' tall stack of resumes (and that is no exaggeration). I have to check the various school district websites daily and if there are any openings, I email, send a resume, and a follow-up email and have never even received a call back or reply. The market is that flooded. I have took an extra certification test so that I can teach English as a second language learners, but that hasn't helped. I can take other certification tests but it costs several hundred dollars per test and then about another $200 for study guides and licenses. Right now, I feel like that is a waste.

For the most part all my friends from school are in the same boat. Plus, I know that people all over this country are jobless and probably much worse off than me. I feel so inadequate though. Cole and I need a change and a move. It's time...way past time for us to be on our own. I am stagnating. So please, please, economy get better and fast.