Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A funny thing happened at the last show we went to in Branson. Before the show started one of the performers came out and was talking to the audience. He was telling jokes and then asking people where they were visiting from. We were sitting at the very back of the audience, but Cole had his hand raised the entire time. Finally the guy says, "Okay, little man where are you from?" Cole answers, "Texas". The guy says, "Do you wear boots?". Cole says, "No." He says, "Does your dad wear boots?" Cole says (for the whole audience to hear), "No. My dad doesn't live with us!" People start saying, "Ahh" and chuckling nervously. The guys didn't hear Cole's reply and asked a member of the audience what Cole said and when she repeats it the announcer looks uncomfortable and mumbles something and moves on. I was laughing (mostly from embarrassment) and Cole looks at me and loudly says, "What? He doesn't live with us!" More laughter surrounds us.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ok, it's true...

I love Branson! I originally wasn't that jazzed about going. I was just happy to be going anywhere. My friend Jen W. has a young family and they love Branson, so that gave me some hope, plus they gave us some great tips on restaurants which were all fabulous. We loved it too!

Here is a quick recap of our trip, because I'm too tired to post much:

1. We stopped in Dallas before heading out of Texas at the King Tut exhibit. It was amazing to see artifacts that are 3,000+ years old.

2. On the drive up to Branson, we stopped at a Civil War battlesite in Arkansas (Pea Ridge). It was cold and rainy, but we had a great time and learned a lot.

3. Branson has a wonderful Titanic museum. My mom, Cole and I spent an evening learning even more about this ill fated ship. Cole was enthralled. The best part was that we got
boarding passes as we embarked with an actual passenger's name. At the end of the tour you got to find out the fate of your passenger. Cole was "John Jacob Astor IV", of course we already knew his fate, but he was happy when they showed him where his rooms were on the ship, etc.

4. We went to shows, almost every night. The best part is they are all family friendly. We went to an awesome magic show. Cole was actually picked out of the audience to come on stage. He was so nervous, but cute. Afterwards, we got to go backstage. It was truly a night to remember.

5. We saw several musical shows. Our favorites were Six and The Haygoods. Cole loved and by loved, I mean LOVED the Haygoods. He bought the DVD of the show and 3 CD's and had them autograph a CD cover. My little groupie! They were wonderful singers and great entertainers. The whole family had a blast.

6. Cole and I spent two days at an amusement park, too. We screamed as we rode roller coasters, dressed up for old timey photos, bought souvenirs, and shivered as we got soaked on the water rides in 55 degree weather (that kid better be glad I love him!)

7. We also played putt-putt, rode on the Duck Tours, visited a cavern, took nature walks and collected rocks, shopped and Cole made a custom remote controlled car (think Build-A-Bear for boys). We just saw and did it all!

The drive was long, but worth it. So despite my initial misgivings, we loved our trip and I would definitely go back again, plus Branson was just plain beautiful, too!

Monday, March 09, 2009

flu, flu go away!

I've never gone anywhere for Spring Break. When I was a kid, my parents always had to work. When I was a teenager, I had to work. As an adult, still had to work. Now that I have the same school schedule as Cole, I am finally off and we have a trip planned. The trip isn't as exciting as a cruise like Vetmommy has planned, but a trip none-the-less. We are going to Branson, Missouri. My parents love Branson and my friend Jen that has three young kids loves it, too. She assures me there is plenty to do and because they traveled there a lot, she has given us tons of recommendations. Cole and I are excited to be going with my parents and have a good deal planned already. In fact, we are now leaving a day early to visit the King Tut exhibit in Dallas on the way out of Texas. Only one problem...Cole has the flu!

He started with a cough last week and ran a low-grade fever all day Saturday. Saturday night his fever really spiked. He laid in bed with uncontrollable chills and a hacking cough. Sunday morning we headed to the after-hours clinic and they ran a strep and flu screen. He was positive for the flu, :-(. After a long day of a high fever and chills, he felt somewhat better today. He didn't run a fever and was just feeling run down. After dinner, his cheeks seemed rosy again and sure enough the fever was back. We'll spend another day at home and I hope he's feeling good enough to travel in a few days.