Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We need to get out more

I think that Cole and I need to get out more...without each other. Last night my dad said that he could get two tickets to Saturday night's Longhorn baseball game for him and Cole. My first thought wasn't "YIPEEE...a kid free night!" It was, "Oh, no...what am I going to do without Cole?" When Cole found out tonight that two tickets mean't I wasn't going he was very sad. He finally said that he will go on a "man date" with his Papa. Now I need to decide what I'm going to do, maybe I'll shop for his birthday...lame I know....but that's how I roll. (Did I just say "that's how I roll?...yup...taking a walk on the wild side).

Sunday, March 23, 2008

That has gotta hurt!

Don't worry....the darts shoved UP Cole's nose are magnetic tipped. Don't try this at home!

We had a nice Easter. Cole woke up and hunted for his Easter eggs and enjoyed his basket. We then took the kite the "Easter Bunny" brought him to the park for a picnic. It was a beautiful day to be out enjoying nature.

I've got a lot of homework done and Cole's b-day invitations finished. Now it's time for some relaxing!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good News

Cole has lost another tooth! His tooth has been hanging on by a thread for days. On Sunday after every bite of lunch (with his mouth still full) he made me check to see if his tooth was still there. Last night before bed it was still there. This morning, I forgot to check until we were waiting outside for the bus and it was gone! Cole was so excited...until he realized he probably swallowed it AGAIN! He wanted to go back in and check his bed, but I promised him we'd do it when we got home. No tooth...he must have swallowed it eating breakfast this morning. Only my child could swallow two teeth! The "tooth fairy" still left him some money. Isn't she sweet.

We had some other good news today. My mom called me at work because she had looked at my bank account (she works at my Credit Union) and I had received a $1500 child support payment. Since I hadn't received any notification that he was employed I was surprised. I called the AG and they said they had received an "Involuntary payment" that was a "garnishment" (most likely his tax return). You can run, but you can't hide. They still have no record of an employer. I bet that was an unpleasant surprise for him. I don't really think he hasn't been working since September, he's probably working for cash. In a few weeks (on Cole's b-day) it will make exactly a year since he has called Cole, wonder if he'll call now?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Batter bat

So T-ball season has started again. Cole is really starting to get a better grasp of what is going on, he's still a total goof ball of course. I'd expect nothing less of a five (almost six...yikes) year-old. He has a really great coach this time. Very upbeat, enthusiastic, and ORGANIZED. The best part is that he really looks out for the boys. Last fall, Cole got whacked in the head by a kid swinging the bat and that kinda of stuff continued all year. Between that and the CRAZY team mom, we were happy when fall ball ended. This coach has clear rules and is very observant. He's perfect for the boys. This is also the most involved the parents have been. It's great to see all the dads (and a few moms) working with the boys.

They had their first game last night. I think the boys were more excited about their new uniforms and hats than anything else! I cracked up when a dad that I know from Cole's Extend-A-Care whose son is on an opposing team was there with another dad "scouting" out the other T-ball teams. It's T-ball, not the majors. I had fun ribbing these dads. At least they had enough sense of humor to be a little sheepish.

***I had already posted this blog and then read my e-mail. Cole's coach has created a team BLOG! What a great idea, don't you think? I love technology.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Party's Over

What a whirlwind of a week. Cole and I were both on spring break. I still worked my normal "work" days, but took Tuesday and Thursday off to be with Cole. On Tuesday we made our annual trip to the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo. We had a great time seeing the animals and riding the rides. I love to watch Cole riding the roller coasters, he is truly my son. We just both laugh hysterically the entire time. It had rained the entire day before the rodeo, so we wore our rain boots since I knew we'd be walked through mud (and who knows what else). I think that was Cole's favorite part. Actually being allowed to stomp through water and mud...a boy's dream! We played some games and came home with armfuls of stuffed animals!

On Thursday we cleaned and reorganized his room, which was surprisingly fun and rewarding. Then we headed of to the bowling alley. We played four games and I could barely use my hand later that day.

It was great spending some quality time with him, I'm going to miss spring break.

Saturday we had an open house at my work. We have been planning every detail for months! It was so much fun. The employees were so good at talking about what they do and showing people around. We had food, live music, face painting, free stuff, and (stuffed) Animal ER. Cole had lent some of his stuffed animals for demo. His giant Scooby was having an exploratory surgery, one of his dogs had teeth inserted for a day and was having a dental, a tiger was getting x-rays, and some dogs and cats were in the kennels for a day-stay. Fun was had by everyone!

Now it's back to the normal life. Luckily there are only six more weeks of school left for me...until summer school.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Kids stilts

What kind of hormones are they putting in the milk these days? Cole has aged overnight. HA!

Cole put on this fake mustache tonight that he got from a vending machine. He looked in my rear view mirror and said, "Now do I look like a Time Warner Cable guy?" I started laughing, I don't even know what he was referencing. He proceeded to wear it into HEB. He was holding my hand and enjoying the smiles he was getting. He looked at me and said," You know, they probably think that I'm your husband on kid stilts or I'm walking on my knees." God, I love kids!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I wear my sunglasses at night.

Just because I need a homework is a photo from Cole the other night. I went in to check on him and here is how I found him sound asleep in bed.