Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Down Again

I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never going to keep me down

Do you remember those song lyrics? Lately, I feel like they are the anthem to my life. Well, I've been knocked down again.

A few weeks ago, a friend called me. She graduated with me and subbed in an adjacent school district. She was lucky and found a job. A teacher from another school called her for a long-term sub job to cover her maternity leave. Since, she is now employed, she recommended me instead. I spoke with the teacher at length. The job was to begin the week before the start of school and until the 2nd week of October. Since, full-time positions are basically non-existent I agreed, even though it would be a long drive for me. I was excited for the opportunity. The only problem was that I am not already a sub in that district. She said that she would notify her principal and they could see what they could do. In the meantime, I got a move on contacting on the sub coordinator with my fingerprint info and certificate.

A few days later, the principal emailed me and said that she would like me to go to training for two days this coming week. This would be unpaid, but a great opportunity to get familiar with the school and the team. So even though, this meant that I would have to not only find and pay for daycare for Cole for those two days, but my friend would have to make arrangements for her three boys that I'm watching. But, still worth it for the opportunity, so I agreed.

Then Monday night the principal emailed me to say that they had spoken with the sub coordinator and I would have to wait to sub until after sub orientation which isn't until the Friday after school starts. She said that they might have to look for someone that was already a sub to make it easier on the kiddos.

Then Tuesday, the teacher emailed me saying everything is a go. She still wanted me for the two days next week and I would come to meet the parents. There would be a sub for the 1st week and I would start on the 2nd week.

So today I stopped by Cole's old daycare to pick-up paperwork to fill out, so I could drop him off those two days next week. Everyone, came out to say hi and give Cole lovin'. One of the girls working there this summer is my friend. She graduated the semester before me and is still looking for a teaching position. We were sharing our miseries looking for positions in this economy and I mentioned the long-term sub job. She said she got one too. We were even more excited when we found out it was the same school. Then she asked what grade and teacher and imagine our surprise when it was the same teacher!

It seems they called her Monday, since she was already a sub in that district. This makes Tuesday's email even weirder. So, I assume they have gone with her which I completely understand since she can start right away. But it would have been nice to know, especially since I'm busting my butt to make child care arrangements and get established in that district. I've emailed the teacher and the principal to find out for sure, but have had no reply (neither has my friend). How ironic, that it was the two of us for the same job and we would find out. So frustrating. So I am back to square one with nothing lined up and a dismal future ahead. Sigh!

Today I got an email from the teacher saying that she wants me. So I am back "in". What a rollercoaster.


Vetmommy said...

I am so sorry. You do not deserve this! I am so angry and sad for you right now.

The Laukkanen's said...

Wow! How awful! My sister in law was also hired for a teaching job in Oregon, did the non-paid staff meetings for several days and then was told she was no longer needed! What is up with that? I am with you on this-it sucks. It seems I am out of a job as of next month. No new leads yet... maybe we can commiserate together!

Leah said...

Keep your head up!! You will find that perfect school at the perfect time.