Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to School

1st day of 2nd grade

I can hardly believe that Cole starts 2nd grade tomorrow. As I've mentioned before I was lucky enough to spend the summer with him. I really enjoyed the time we spend together and I'm actually sad that the summer is already over. I'm nervous about this year, too. He didn't have a great year last year and I'm hoping that this year will be better. We worked hard all summer and he is excited about the new year. He didn't get the teacher I wanted him to have, but he didn't get the one I knew I didn't want, so that's okay. Actually, I have heard good things about his teacher and she seems great and his 1st grade teacher thinks he'll do great in her class.

It is hard being a parent sometimes. You want their road to be smooth and have no bumps, which of course isn't realistic. I know that having trials and errors is what helps him grow as an individual. However, I can't help wishing I had a magic wand to pave a clear road for him (if I did, I might wave it a time or two over my own road...LOL)!

I hope this school year brings great the both of us.

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Vetmommy said...

Amen to that! Good luck, both of you!